About Us

Brendan Dubbels

Brendan Dubbels career began in marketing automation at ONTRAPORT in May of 2009. In his role as Client Experience Director he oversaw the sales, onboarding, and customer support teams with a focus on customer delight to drive purchases and create customers for life. After his first escape room he was hooked and immediately began searching for ways to enter the industry and contribute to the Escape Room Community. It was a no brainer to begin using his past marketing automation experience to create and implement systems for room owners to fill thier booking schedules. Thus, Escape Room Accelerator was born in 2017 and is the longest standing Digital Marketing consultancy specializing in Escape Room bookings.

Brittany Napier

Brittany Napier has always loved competition, and growing up as one of five siblings ensured that she had plenty of practice in outsmarting mind games and working as a team. A self-proclaimed wimp when it comes to all things horror-related, it took some convincing to get Brittany into her first escape room (a nice safe pirate theme), but it wasn’t long before the adrenaline and obsessive competitiveness kicked in and turned her into a full fledged escape room junkie. When she’s not working her way out of a locked room, Brittany is the organizer of fundraising events and projects for non-profit organizations. With her love of escape rooms and getting things done it made sense that she join Escape Room Accelerator, where she serves as the Operations Director.