Escape Room Marketing Automation

Escape room marketing automation is a hot subject and most people shout “Social Media” from the mountain tops for business development. An important distinction to make is that driving sales DOES NOT require getting new customers. Reliably and scalably getting new customers is one of the hardest activities there is in the Escape Room business. We’re chomping at the bit to try cold traffic, press releases, and Facebook ads yet can’t prove them effective. Instead, Escape Room owners should be focused on the lowest hanging fruit – past customer follow up!

Welcome to the Future

Escape room marketing automation technology has come so far that it can send the right emails, to the right people, at the right time on autopilot. This means you can focus on what really matters to you. For some, that means being home in time for dinner, catching your kid’s soccer game, a vacation, or just more work on other areas of the business.

Increase Customer Value by 40%

The escape room business setup is simple and automated follow-up increases past customers return visit rate by 40%. Yes, it’s going to cost you eighty dollars per month, but you’ll make more than that back within two weeks. ONTRAPORT’s Basic account level is perfect for most Escape Rooms and costs only $79/Month. This type of automation is the best investment you can make early on for your escape room business. The automated messages will easily get you at least six new bookings depending on current volume and will more than pay for itself. (Not to mention the more sales you make the larger effect the automated messaging will have).

Escape Room Marketing Automation

I prefer ONTRAPORT’s system because it integrates with many booking programs like Acuity and SimplyBook.Me. It also sends mobile responsive emails, which is important because 50% of messages are read on a mobile device. ONTRAPORT’s power goes beyond just marketing automation though. It will allow you to host landing pages in just minutes – without hiring an expensive designer or developer. You’ll also be able to include SMS and physical postcards in your followup using ONTRAPORT. These are a major tool that will help you stand out. For more info contact us and we can help you decide what’s right for your escape room business!

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