Escape Room Retargeting Made Simple

Retargeted Ducky

Retargeting is the most cost-effective form of paid advertising. Yet most escape rooms don’t leverage its incredible power because they don’t know what it is.

Retargeting allows escape room owners to run ads to their website visitors.

This is an easy win for three reasons:

  1. You can advertise specifically to those who are still on the fence about booking with you – increasing your conversion rate.
  2. You can market your other rooms to past customers who haven’t completed them yet – raising your average customer value.
  3. Cost is significantly lower since you’re the one providing the audience/targets. Meaning there is a low barrier to entry and a large ROI.

Have you ever seen an ad for a product or page that you’ve recently visited?
If so, then you’ve been retargeted.

On average only two percent of customers convert on the first visit. That means if you want to maximize bookings you need to get your offer in front of prospects beyond their first visit to your website.

You might be thinking to yourself “But Brendan, those ads that follow me around after I’ve viewed a product tend to get really annoying and usually show up even after I’ve bought the product in question!”

You’re definitely right and that’s because most marketers don’t utilize retargeting proficiently. To do it right, you need to make sure there is a “kill pixel” on your check out page. Meaning when someone books your room, they load the kill pixel and your retargeting program now knows to remove them from the ad campaign.

You can also set a maximum saturation setting – that way you’re only showing your offer to potential customers a maximum amount of times – I usually recommend seven. I recommend seven because if your offer has already appeared seven times and the lead hasn’t bought yet. It’s time to leave them alone or change your strategy.


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