Escape Room Reviews & Their Impact on Your Business

Escape Room reviews are one of the easiest way to drive new business.
Getting repeat customers is important but new awareness from reviews brings in both cash AND referals.

The easiest way to get exposure for your room is through maintaning a solid prescence of escape room reviews.
There are a few options out there, each with thier own benefits.

The Three Pronged Approach – Escape Room Reviews

The best strategy is to maintain a three pronged approach. Don’t focus too heavily on any one medium and make sure that your ranking stays high.
Focus on the quality of reviews, not the quantity by asking those who are ecstatic after the experience to write.
The three pronged approach means to focus equally on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and EscapeBase.

If you haven’t already, make sure that your site is registered on the newest review site made specifically for Escape Rooms called EscapeBase.

This means anyone reading reviews tell thier friends if you wow them – where as Yelp and Trip Advisor are primarily only those who will try a room on vacation.

For example, take a look at Stash House’s review page, that perfect rating from other enthusiasts is a compelling reason to visit Stash house and try the experience!

By focusing on quality, EscapeBase aims to make escape rooms as mainstream as going to the movies with friends.
As it stands currently, most rooms are actually allies, with the only competitors being bad escape rooms.

For example, if someone tries a bad room for their first time, they are highly unlikeley to come back again.
What smart owners will do is create alliances and send business to other rooms after theirs has been completed.
The key to this equation is only to align yourself with high quality rooms.
Otherwise, you’re going to make yourself look bad and likeley ruin a potential enthusiast.

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